Friday, June 17, 2011

Entry #4 or "Classic Books and Classic Games"

     I headed to Sierra Vista last Sunday in an attempt to buy RAM for a few of the computers here in the house. My Dad's Laptop, which runs Windows Vista, was in dire need of an extra gig and I wanted to bring my own Windows 7 machine to 4gigs over the 2 I have in there now. The Best Buy in town has the ram needed for my Dad's PC (DDR2 Laptop), but for reasons only known to the district distributors, they don't carry the DDR3 desktop ram I needed. Really?

     To say I was unimpressed is to put it mildly. Fortunately, I can live without the extra ram as my desktop works fine. Unfortunately, I can't play Star Craft II with any decency just yet.

     Yeah, yeah. "Woe is me", I know. But during the trip, I also stopped by Staples to see if they had any Ram. They did, but not at a price I was willing to pay just yet. What I did pick up there was a 50 pack of CD-Rs and the Age of Empires Collectors Edition. The CD-Rs are for making backups of my ever-growing collection of audiobooks that I listen to when working. The AoE collection I got for both a bit of nostalgic fun, and to bone up on playing for when Age of Empires Online comes online this August. 

     Been having fun playing AoE I and II, they run well on Win 7 Home Premium for those curious. Just an odd color-shift of the ground tiles that, while it looks weird, doesn't affect the game itself. It makes me wonder about all this "backwards-compatibility" deal in Win 7 Pro and Ultimate. 

     But anyways, I did manage to get into the Age of Empires Online Beta. Turns out, MS had an overwhelming response when they put out the beta tester requests, so they opened it back up again. The Greeks are currently the only civilization playable, but I'm enjoying myself.

     As far as classic books, I've been reading through my ever-growing collection of ebooks. I'm currently reading The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold. It's the first-or third, depending on who you ask-book of The Vorkosigan Saga. I wont go into any detail about the book, but I will say It's has been a good read so far. Those interested can find the ebook version Here.

     Well, that's about all I have for now.
     Until next time,
                            Josh (Sweeper) Brumley

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