Saturday, June 11, 2011

Entry #1 or "Write, damn you, write!"

     Hey all, my name's Josh Brumley, sometimes known as Sweeper in several places around the web and this is my Blog. It is interesting to note that this will be my 3rd, (and hopefully best), attempt at writing a blog. Life according to Jake may or may not still be out there and I'm not too inclined to go looking for it. I did an unbelievable amount of complaining on the blog. I also have a blog on the Hero Games discussion board, but I rarely use that these days. I may go back and start updating it again, so I may begin to link it here and vice versa.

      I am currently living with family here in Willcox, AZ. Had to move in with them as I could find any good paying work. Unemployment for a year did a job on me, stress-wise. Make no mistake, unemployment sucked big time. Not enough to even pay the rent on time,causing late fee after late fee, further putting me in the red. Something had to be done. So I broke my lease and moved in with family to get out of that hole.

     I am now a full time college student who finished up a mostly successful Spring Semester and am doing summer courses right now. I have an income courtesy of the Montgomery GI Bill and the Fantastic Pell Grants have been paying for tuition and books. So I have a positive cash flow for the first time in a long while. I pay the rent by helping around the house with cleaning and construction. Life is alright.

     Wont say all of my problems were taken care of. Oh hell no. There are a lot of things that need doing around the house as it's going to be put up for sale soon. So my days have been long and exhausting. Yesterday, I came close to finishing up a stone walkway I designed and layed-out. Today, I expect to be repairing some fence posts that have been damaged by high winds. A lot of hot-sweaty-work to look forward to.

     Now that I've briefly reviewed my recent life, I suppose I should get to the biggest reason why I started this blog.  I listen to a podcast called I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty. She's a  fiction author who shares her experiences through the podcast and one of the suggestions she gives for getting in the habit of writing is to start and regularly maintain a blog. I've always wanted to write, for fun if nothing else, so this is my attempt at it.

     I'm not going to say I'm a good writer, heck I'm really not a good typist, but I do want to get into the habit of it. I may need a swift kick in the ass from time to time, so if I am blessed with folks who actually read my posts, I hope they'll give me that swift kick when it's needed.

Well, I've spent enough time with said ass sitting in front of the computer, I have post-holes to dig.

Until next time,
                        Josh (Sweeper) Brumley   


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